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2321 Davis St., Unit C
North Chicago, IL


Coffee by the Roast is the retail website of Coffee Fresh, Inc, a small batch, specialty grade coffee roaster in North Chicago, IL, where customers can buy coffee online. Coffee by the Roast allows retail customers to buy fresh, custom roasted coffee online and have it shipped to any US address.  We provide only specialty grade coffee and roast the coffee to order.  Since coffee remains fresh for two to three weeks after roasting, we mail the coffee within twenty four hours to ensure our coffee is always fresh.

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Coffee of the Month

Coffee of the Month calendar
Coffee of the Month May Mom's Blend fresh roasted coffee single roast
fresh roasted coffee of the month whole bean coffee
fresh roasted coffee of the month whole bean coffee
Coffee of the Month calendar
Coffee of the Month May Mom's Blend fresh roasted coffee single roast
fresh roasted coffee of the month whole bean coffee
fresh roasted coffee of the month whole bean coffee

Coffee of the Month

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The seasons change and so can your coffee.  Choose from a range of coffees that capture the best of every month, January through December. Each blend available year round.

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January's Midwinter's Brew: Combines a smooth, full body with dried fruit sweetness and a nit of spice. Great to sip after dinner or to blend with vanilla ice cream for a frosty treat.  Roast Level: Northern Italian

February's Midnight Treat: A very dark roasted,  smooth and heavy bodied with a rich, bold and complex flavor: Baker's chocolate, dark-roasted chestnut and a hint of sweet spice. Inspired by the coffee enjoyed in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Roast Level: Southern Italian

March's Morning Mist (St. Paddy's Cup): A lively, balanced coffee, sweet and smooth with lively citrus topnotes and a lingering buttery finish. Bright enough for breakfast, smooth enough to drink all day...or mix with whiskey for a memorable Irish Coffee.  Roast Level: Full City

April's Cloudburst Blend: A creamy coffee with light citrus topnotes, toffee richness and lingering chocolate finish. Lively enough to brighten the grayest morning, smooth enouth to enjoy all day.  Roast Level: Full City

May's Springtime Twist:  As sweet as a Mother's Day bouquet with a silky body, subtle floral aroma and lingering honey sweetness. Perfect for a Mother's Day brunch or to sip all day long.  Roast Level: City

June's Cotton Candy Coffee: An easy-drinking breakfast coffee as bright as an early summer morning with a spritz of citrus that melts into a clean, refreshing finish.  Roast Level: City

July's Summer Ice:  A balanced blend of coffees from North and South America, rich and flavorful, with deep, fudgy chocolate notes and a long, lingering finish. Great for sipping over ice at an afternoon picnic, or to savor while watching evening fireworks.  Roast Level: Full City

August's Sea Salt Breeze: Sweet, full-bodied and as refreshing as a trip to the seaside, with dark chocolate notes and a hint of spice. Lively enough to brighten a vacation breakfast and rich enough to compliment the most decadent late night dessert.  Roast Level: Vienna

September's Easy Sunrise: Rich and lively with a sweet, blueberry aroma, citrus topnotes and a rich, lingering finish. Great with breakfast or any time you want to jump-start your brain.  Roast Level: City

October's Black Magic: Rich and full-bodied with deep, dark chocolate notes and a hint of spice. So good it's spooky!  Roast Level: Northern Italian

November's Harvest Brew: Bold, rich and satisfying, a blend of American coffees perfect for Thanksgiving dinner and pumpkin pie.  Roast Level: Full City

December's Holiday Spice: Smooth and full-bodied with a sweet aroma and complex flavor, Baker's chocolate and sweet spice with a hint of black currant and a lingering butter toffee richness.  Roast Level: Vienna

(1 roast = 600 grams green coffee. Roasted weight approximately 18 oz.)